Giving Back To Advent Square & The Community

Advent Square a Giving Community

Advent Square Senior Living is a not-for-profit, Christian non-denominational community providing residential services in a charming neighborhood-style setting. For over 3 decades Advent Square has been able to provide a comprehensive range of quality health services based on each senior’s needs including Independent, Assisted and Memory Care options thanks to our residents and the donations we receive.

Advent Square Senior Living also enjoys giving back to the Advent Christian Community, as well as the surrounding area.

Support Advent Square Senior Living

Donations accepted at office or check out our Amazon Wish List.

To make a Financial Donation, click below you will be redirected to Advent Church Boca Donations secure online giving page.

Advent Square is a non-profit and ministry of Advent Church – Love is why we’re here!

Next Fundraising Event

Juke Box Bingo is a signature game show created by Doug Shannon, the Game Show Entertainer. 

Jukebox Bingo is an engaging and interactive multi-media event. Instead of calling numbers, music titles are called while videos of the selection are playing. It is not unusual to see the Chicken Dance, The Twist, the YMCA or even a few moon walkers in the audience.

Proceeds from this event will be used to support the installation of a new emergency alert system for the campus. This will allow our staff to respond more quickly should there be an emergency with a resident and provide for greater accountability for staff check in rounds.

Can’t make it to Juke Box Bingo but want to help out, become a sponsor.